Sunday, September 2, 2012

Annual Hodgepodge Farm Residency Number 1

Cal and I wearing our new cowls!

Well!  I have been back from my two-week long dyeing (and more) residency at Hodgepodge Farm for about a week now.  It was amazing and I have so much to tell...  so much, it will require multiple posts!
AMTRAK coffee is sooo gross...

This is the second time I've taken the train to visit Cal and it's a fine journey.  It can get a little caught up at the border, but an 11 hour ride is great for doing some crochet and watching movies or having a nap and reading a good book.  I struggled with my luggage though, the biggest case I had was full of undyed yarn and fabric.  I also brought a sheet of rubber and carving tools to make some stamps.  I had a tiny case for my clothes and then my backpack with all my train food and computer, books, projects, etc.  Hauling all that by myself was difficult but I got there in the end!
The red one is FULL (like I had to sit on it to close it) of undyed yarn and fabric!

It was so great to be upstate NY in August.  It was gorgeous weather, which allowed us to do most of our work outside.  We set up a dyeing station under an "easy-up" tent.  
Swimmin' Hole.
It was wild mushroom season and Smith foraged for some beautiful Chanterelles as well as supplying us with delicious Shitakes that he grew himself on some old logs.  Yumminess all around.  Also, the Swimmin' Hole was open for business and refreshing to our toes...
Wild Chanterelles - yum!
Smith's mushroom logs.
We had a few fun outings!  I finally got to visit Lagusta's Luscious Chocolate shop - deeelicious!  We also went to White Barn Farm to visit Paula's Cormo sheep and fancy chickens...  it was knit night, which was great AND they get a visit from Farmer Dave who brings an array of fresh veggies to sell to the knit-nighters.  Talk about service!  Paula was wonderful and gave us lots of advice about nature dyeing.  We got a great tour of her farm and shop!  I also got to visit with my pal Hanna - who is an amazing artist and rescuer of dogs (and animals in general)!
Lagusta's Luscious Chocolate - I can't even tell you...
Hanna, Cal and myself.
Paula's wonderful farm/yarn shop!
Cormo feeding frenzy.
Farmer Dave's Knit Night Bounty!

Speaking of animals - Slinky Malinky loved her some hand-dyed yarn, Gertie is cute as ever and the Hodgepodge Farm's chickens are curious!  My new favorite is Olivia "Livers" the chicken.  
Slinky Malinky and the big stretch!
Gertie - fine as ever!

Lixolux was kind enough to think of our needs and sent us a wonderful package full of chocolate and fancy spinnin' fibre all the way from San Francisco.  She's been participating in Verb's Seam Allowance group - which sounds amazing!  I will be participating remotely and in spirit...
Lixolux bounty!
Cal and I also finished the cowls we started in April when she was here.  Made out of beautiful Indigodragonfly silk/merino yarn - soft.  I (finally) started and am about half way done my Crochet EPS sweater out of Jill Draper's Empire yarn.  I will be done this sweater by Sheep and Wool!
Just a little newt.
Night pigs... blurry pic, but worth seeing...
There's going to be a flurry of blog posting because this is just the tip of the iceberg!  Next post.... Nature Dyeing at Hodgepodge Farm...
Stay tuned for more Hodgepodge Farm fun!

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