Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cal Patch Crochet Genius!

In my opinion, Cal Patch of Hodgepodge Farm is a DIY genius! Her crochet patterns are really what it's all about as far as the direction that crochet is going. Beautiful, contemporary and showcasing gorgeous yarns (like Jill Draper's).
I'm currently working on her new pattern for a shawl called "Borealis" and it's so much fun and so addictive. Although hers is made from the Aurora by Jill, I'm making mine out of some of my own hand-dyed. Fittingly, it's a gorgeous silk/alpaca blend I dyed during my visit to Hodgepodge Farm!
In other news... I'll be teaching a three session spinning class starting this Sunday (February 3) at All Strung Out Yarns. It's going to be a fun one and student's choice on whether to use a wheel or a drop spindle.
Here we go now!
False Start...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Rat and The Rabbit

I'm continuing with my series of puppets based on the animals of the lunar zodiac. So far I've made The Rabbit (mostly because that is my sign) and now I'm working on The Rat and The Ox.
I'm hoping to start adding some woven fabric to these puppets. I like the Rabbit but it's a little bit to "easter bunny", I might have to "weird" it up a bit!
After this series, I'm starting on some puppets based on important people in my life and incorporating their personal mythology into their likeness as puppets! We'll see how all this goes....