Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New Studio!

Fibreperson HQ
Well! It's been awhile... the Holidays are over and Winter has set in and it's very, very cold!
To keep from freezing and get me out of (my new!) studio, I've been trying out some different activities. I have taken up Tap Dancing, which I'm finding just a joyful way to get the blood flowing. I've also been going to a weekly Ukulele sing and play time, it's great! I'm learning a lot and having lots of fun. 

I've also completed and organized my new studio! I'm so excited about it... it's a nice cozy space and it's very organized and full of inspiring things and tools I've collected over the years. I just can sit in here and feel inspired. I have a lot of windows and a nice view and a door I can open when the weather is warm.

I'm raring to go and I've started experimenting on weaving by creating my own small looms. I started by using a cylindrical pressing ham that I just inserted pins into to warp on to. I am hoping I can create a seamless tube to use as the body for a puppet. Instead of just weaving around and around, which I think would make the tube on a bias and a little too droopy, I wove different colour blocks to make it more stable. I guess I'll see later today when I finish and remove it!

A cozy place to sit and spin.