Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summertime and My Ukulele

So far, it's been a HOT summer!  I've been involved in a bunch of fun stuff though and I'm looking forward to heading down to Hodgepodge Farm in a few weeks to get my hands dyeing and weaving some stuff! 
Farmer Fern Craft Time.
Since April, I've been involved in this amazing program called, The Farmer Fern and Friends Puppet Program.  Farmer Fern is the invention and a wonderful young guy (18 years old!) who invented this program to help and empower children through learning about gardening, nature and the importance of ecology and horticulture!  I'm a puppeteer for the program (often playing the part of Cousin Cassidy).  We have done several performances this summer.  Last Monday, we were able to perform at the Silent Voices Summer Camp in Toronto and this week we performed for a group at the Guelph Enabling Garden!  It's been a wonderful experience and I'm having a ball working with such a creative group of artists. 
Farmer Fern and Cassidy!
A butterfly puppet.
I've also been participating in an abstract quilting class that has been a great experience.  I've never quilted before and this approach has been a great way to introduce me to quilting and it feels very natural to me.  I have one more class, then we will be having a show at the end of the year of all our quilts.  I'm piecing together my quilt now and I've hung it on the wall to piece so it feels very much like putting together a puzzle.  
My quilt so far...

Ukulele is my new obsession!  I've been taking lessons and it's been great!  My first song is, Here Comes The Sun and it's F-U-N!
Here comes the sun little darlin'

I also finished my Coquille Shawl.  It's made out of Kauni yarn which was amazing to work with - so amazing I went an bought another colour way....  now I have to find something to make out of it!
Coquille Shawl!

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