Thursday, March 22, 2012


A pile of Rod Puppets

I've always been obsessed with puppets of all kinds. When I was a kid my father would bring home giant boxes that my brother and I would make into puppet theatres. Being a shy person, it also allowed me to have something else speak for me.

I use masks and puppets as a method for storytelling and also as a reflection of myself. They appeal to my need to create a personal mythology and are magical in the way that, most people disregard the presence of the puppeteer when watching a performance.  Also, they allow me to utilize all the different mediums that I love in one shebang (sculpture, textiles, painting, etc.)!

I recently started teaching a puppet making class through Spark of Brilliance and it's a great success so far!  In fact, once the word got out that I was facilitating a puppet making class, I've been asked to facilitate several more over the summer to children, youth and adults! I just love the broad appeal!

My personal project is to create puppet for each animal sign of the Lunar Zodiac - starting with The Rabbit, since that's me.

In class we started by making a framework/skeleton out of paper, masking tape and balloons.  Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time and I was so pleased.  In week two, we're going to apply the papier maché (which I'll show on my next post).

Check out the pictures:
 The group hard a work!
 Two boxes of puppet skeletons! Ready for the fun stuff!

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  1. Thanks for this, Alisa -- it was/IS a great class, and I can barely wait to carry on with the next stage of pupper-creation! Nice to see all the skeletal frameworks, like promissory notes with shapes, awaiting it too.
    ~ Kitty