Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are knitted skirts for you? And some!

Next Tuesday April 12th, I will be speaking at the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter's Guild about hand-knit skirts! This talk will be similar to the one that myself and Tamaralda offered last year through the Downtown Knit Collective.  Sadly, I will be flying solo this time but, Tamaralda was kind enough to lend me her samples so gentle touching and viewing will happen. I will be talking about body types and what type of skirt flatters what type of figure, I will also be talking about garment care and choosing the right fibre for creating your skirt! The meeting starts at 7:30pm and the fee for non-members is $5.  Please click here for directions.

The Puppet Making Workshop has finished its second week and tonight will be the last session.  Last week, the class got down and dirty with papier maché!  We all fumbled through smashing the material onto our "puppet skeletons" and had a lot of fun!  Tonight we paint and assemble - I'll post pics next post.
I've been taking a dress making class with Alison Ellett and I love it! I have really wanted to make the wrap around dress in this beautiful Japanese pattern book called, "Simple Modern Sewing".  I'm so happy Alison is there for guidance! I have been making MAJOR adjustments to the original pattern, which is great because I'm learning a lot but boy, is it time consuming! I'm already planning on making loads of these dresses in different lengths and with different sleeves - once I figure out the pattern, it will be so worth it.  My muslin is finally fitting properly and so now - I have been given permission to go a head and cut my fabric out! I'm scared...  and excited!

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