Monday, March 5, 2012


I've been working on some fun things but it's all a real grab-bag of stuff!

First - I'm going to be teaching Banner/Wall Hanging making through Spark of Brilliance the next two Tuesdays!  I'm super excited!  Here's the poster and a picture of my yet unfinished "banner".  It's a bit of a ugly photo (I'll give you a hint...  it's a squid)...

Coming up in a few weeks is Puppet making!  That's going to be a fun one, I'll be posting about that soon.

Secondly - I FINALLY made a Schoolhouse Tunic! I took a class at Greenwood Quiltery with the lovely Alison Ellett.  Taking a workshop was the perfect thing to kick my butt into action!  I finished the tunic using a very beautiful fabric by one of my fave designers, Lotta Jansdotter. As soon as the last stitch was done, I got fabric to make another one so that I don't forget all the tips and tricks that Alison taught us.  This time I chose a great fabric from Jay McCarroll!  I then signed up for Alison's "Dress Bee" that she facilitates at a local sewing machine shop.   A four week sewing bee guided by Alison with patterns chosen by me!  I can't wait!

Thirdly - I made these really ugly crocheted cuffs that were just ridiculous and flouncy! I couldn't sit at my desk and write notes or anything!  So, I played around with them and discovered I could button them together and make a really cool collar!  I was so happy because the yarn was stuff I had purchased at Verb for Keeping Warm when I was visiting last year.  I would never want to flub a project with yarn that amazing!

Fourthly - I registered for my second year of the Ontario Handweavers and Spinner's Handspinning Certification Course!  (mouthful)  It's at the Haliburton School for the Arts and is in May. I still have to do a paper on my crazy eSpinner.  I have NOT been practicing enough because of my sore arms and wrists..... it's time to suck it up!

Fifthly (and kind of bestest) - Cal Patch is coming a the end of April and we're going to get to hang out for a week! She'll be teaching classes at the Workroom and it's all very exciting. Also, it's finally time for us to plan my residency at Hodgepodge Farm!  It's really happening in August for two whole weeks!  BLISS!!

Sixthly - I started working on my crochet EPS sweater made out of my gorgeous Jill Draper Empire yarn.  I'm so happy because the gauge swatch worked out perfectly on my magical wand crochet hook that I got from Willette's at Sheep and Wool last October! Now I have to grill Cal on some hows and get started on this sweater!

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