Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oui Madame!

I have been quickly unpacking my summer wardrobe and have dug out all these t-shirts with really great graphics on them. The problem is, the shirts look kind of dumpy on. They have high necks and fit weird and I never wear them... enter Crocheted Edgings!

I took Cal Patch's advice and cut the necks of the shirts into either a v-neck or more of a boat/scoop neck, I also altered the sleeves and made the seam at the bottom a little bigger. The shapes had changed and were way more flattering. Then, to jazz them up a bit, I added some crocheted edging around the necks and arms! I love my new wardrobe! My favorite HAS to be the Spinning Wheel shirt that A Verb for Keeping Warm designed. These tees that I never wore have now become my new faves AND people ask about them too - it's always nice to promote crochet.... (my congratulations go out to Tamaralda who just received her teachers' certification from the Craft Yarn Council IN crochet!)

A few other neat tidbits -

My dad was recently in Inner Mongolia, China where they produce a lot of cashmere and raise cashmere goats! He was there on an agricultural trip and when he got back to his hotel room one night there was this amazing flower arrangement. Please notice the tiny horns on the tiny goats....

Here is a link to an article from the Haliburton Echo about my handspinning class! (I love that the title of the article is, "A Wheel Good Time"...

Also - Tamaralda and I will be giving a talk at the Downtown Knit Collective on our experiments with hand-knit/crocheted skirts! The talk is on Wed. June 15, at 7:30pm! Please click on the above link for more indepth information.

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  1. YAY for crochet necklines! i have a bunch of tees that could use this treatment too... now YOU have inspired ME!