Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spinning, Haliburton and Books...

Finally! I'm posting about my spinning adventures in year one of the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Guild's handspinning programme.... I spent 10 days in May at the Haliburton School of the Arts - the school is fantastic and I would highly recommend taking one of their many amazing courses!

I had a LOT of fun, it was a LOT of work (and will continue to be as I work on homework and continue my education over the next six years) and I learned a LOT too.

This is going to be a "mostly pictures" post so here we go...

My wheel in top form (notice the Fairy Godmother made and given to me by my wonderful fibre friend Helle).

Experimenting with "washing" raw fleece using only boiled water. One of my classmates is from Germany and this is the way she washes her fleeces. It worked very well!

Hand carding and drum carding:

Drop spindle spinning and me holding a whorl that is over 700 years old!

Samples, samples, samples:

As luck would have it, the local health food store is also the LYS!

I stayed at the Chateau Woodlands just outside the little town of Haliburton. It was such a cute little cottage!

I didn't have much free time, but when I did, this is what I did (thanks for my new bike Boomer!):

A note on bears: there are bears. They were still hibernating when we first arrived and awoke while we were there. Boomer went and took a picture of their cave entrance - I was very anxious. We knew they were out and hungry a few days later when we saw the bite marks on the garbage receptacles. I read the "What To Do When You Encounter a Bear" posters at the school and heeded Boomer's advice: "Do NOT play dead".... I'm no camper...

These next two pictures are especially for Cal Patch of Hodge Podge Farm:

This past weekend was the Textile Museum's annual Yardage Sale. My friend Andrea Leigh came to visit me to go to the sale. We both scored on books. I got a rare book on Spinning Wheels in Canada and some kooky old crochet books (I bought one of them solely for the picture below. I wonder if my cats would like a coat like "Bobo's"?):

After we purchased our treasures, we ate some vegan burriots at a new place in Kensington Market called, Hot Beans (PS: they also have vegan donuts!). We then spent the rest of the afternoon chillin' at Lettuce Knit with the fantastic Denny and Kate! What a great day!

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  1. best day ever! haha, i love your pictures of class, you can see me way over on the other side in some of them! Next year i'm scoring a seat by you!

    omg, and that crocheted cat sweater... amazing. I'd knit one for each of my cats if i were promised they'd make that face...