Monday, June 13, 2011

WWKIPD and Donkeys - Hunh?

This weekend was a very nice one for fibre AND animals! I went home to visit my family. My mom and I went to the LYS All Strung Out to meet up with our kintting in public friends (WWKIPD = World Wide Knit In Public Day!).

The owner of All Strung Out, Ashley, was there and was a great hostess! We crammed inside the shop and didn't let the cool, grey weather bother us. I felt a little guilty knitting. I wanted to rebel against the specificity of Knitting in public by promoting Crochet but, the crochet project I'm working on requires a lot more attention than the knitting one.... oh well, there's always next year! Or, I could start a WWCIPD?! Any takers?

Our lovely hostess Ashley:
All Strung Out features (love the entryway and displays):

When I was at All Strung Out, I noticed a poster for an amazing Knit Night. The Guelph Enabling Garden is hosting summer Knit Knites! The Enabling Garden is a garden for everyone especially those with varying degrees of physical and cognitive abilities. The beautiful setting of the garden and satisfaction of knitting (or crochet), sounds like a pretty great summer evening to me...

After our public display of knitting, I did go visit a crochet comrade who was working around the corner from All Strung Out. She's organized a Knit/Crochet meet-up in Guelph and enjoys spending time with her group. The store is baby-sitting this beautiful peach and green coloured parrot - pretty bird, pretty bird! She sang a beautiful song... Her beautiful peach feathers were very inspiring...

She's just made that way...:

Finally! It was Donkey Days at the Donkey Sanctuary! I love donkeys, they come in all shapes and sizes and are beautifully coloured/spotted/striped - and that wonderful noise they make! It was fun to take my 18 month old niece to see them. To continue with the knitting theme, I got her a little hand-knit donkey that was knit by a volunteer to raise money for the sanctuary!
Second best thing to brining a donkey home is bringing home a hand-knit donkey!

We arrived just in time for the "Carrot Walk", a parade of Donkeys:

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