Friday, April 30, 2010

Yarn Bombing is the best!

Hurray for Yarn Bombing!

We are so excited that the word is out and that the entries are rolling in! Thank you to all of our global – yes, GLOBAL – yarn bombing friends for reposting and writing about this project.

Thank you to (THE source for any thing and everything yarn-y) and Meadowstitch for the mention!

Some entries so far:

Magpie and Cake
was kind enough to submit this beautiful sparkly and textural square:

Grandmother’s Legacy has treated us to this rainbow beauty:

A special thank you to the Savvy Girls for donating this mountain of felted goodness. Please stay tuned – Deborah was kind and super enough to interview me about this project for an upcoming episode of the Savvy Girls Podcast! I will keep you posted as to when you can take a listen.

Please seek out Tamaralda on Ravelry who has been kind enough to figure out how to crochet letters, here is her crocheted version of the best word in the English language:

Please keep checking the Textile Museum Volunteer blog for updates and info and keep an eye on this blog too!

Another bit of news is that I have started my own little yarn dyeing business. I’m sourcing all my products from local farmers and producers. It’s in the beginning stages but I do have a blog specific to Fibre Lab – keep your eyes peeled for updates there.


  1. this is such an amazing project ... i have "chatted" about you and the project here and also sent a submission ... happy knitting ... is there any other kind? ...

  2. Wow! Thanks for the mention! I can't wait to get your gorgeous piece!