Monday, April 5, 2010

Fibre Fun in San Francisco!

I think this post will mostly be pictures! I went to visit my wonderful friend Jenne in San Francisco. She researched and scheduled us a full schedule of amazing fibre fun and events.

I finally got to visit A Verb for Keeping Warm. Kristine and Adrian are wonderful women who dye their own fibre and yarns from plants from their own garden! I was so inspired by their dye studio and shop. We were also lucky enough to meet Marcel - the freshly plucked angora bunny! Please look at their website from "cover to cover"! I sure did load up on some amazing fibre during my visit...

After telling Jenne about another friend Meredith who organizes Knitting Cruises
I was treated to a funny little "cruise" of our own! We took the ferry from the Port of San Francisco to Sausalito knitting and enjoying the beautiful views for a whole half hour each way! We did get to visit some neat shops in Sausalito including a sticker store, amazing cafe and cute little knitting shop.

I think the best part of the whole trip was taking a perfume mixing workshop with Yosh. For me colour, texture and scent are all very interchangible in how I personally perceive and process things. For an example the smell of Jasmine is a very loose, soft texture the colour would be over exposed yellow like taking a picture directly into the sun... Strange but it works for me when I'm dyeing yarn and now it works for blending scents. Yosh had us smell several oils and had us rate them. We then elimiated based on how we rated each scent until we had a personalized concoction! Mine happened to be: mint, pear, fig, lily and cedar. I can't wait to start building my essential oil collection so I can customize scents for myself!

I can't wait to go back and visit again! But more so, I can't wait for Jenne to visit Toronto so I can plan an amazing time for her!

Please check out all the links, they are amazing! Oh, and check out Sarah Lavoie's blog, she's an amazing textile designer here in Toronto.

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