Friday, April 23, 2010

Yarn Bombing at the Textile Museum of Canada

Hello Fellow Yarn Bombers,

We are excited to announce a special project we're working on with the Textile Museum of Canada. As patrons of the museum we've noticed that there is fairly low visibility from street. After talking with one of the museum Board Chairs, and observing the many city bike racks and planter in front of the museum we decided that it would be fun to form a crew and "yarn bomb" the racks and planter.

Yarn Bombing is the act of re-claiming boring, sterile areas by creating colourful knitted, crocheted, woven, macrame, etc. covers or cozies out of yarn. Usually a group of yarn lovers will form a group or "crew", make the cozies, and do the installation late at night - creating an overnight transformation of a space.

We have taken pictures and planned a large project for the front of the museum Here’s what the planter looks like now:

Our plan is to decorate it with a large cozy made up of a multitude of swatches.

Here’s what the bicycle racks look like now:

Our plan is to adorn them with a fantastical arrangement of adornments.

Here’s a work in progress:

If you are interested in submitting knitted, woven, quilted or crocheted items such as flowers, swatches, granny squares, amigarumi, etc., please mail them to the address below by May 15th! We would love to get this project up in time for the Museum’s annual Yardage Sale.
Please be advised that your submissions cannot be returned to you.

If you are interested in sending swatches please do not send any that are bigger than 7" square. Please have fun with textures, colours, fibres and applications.

We installed a "teaser" at the museum earlier this week:

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact at:

Address for submissions:
Alisa McRonald
23 Murdock Ave
Toronto, ON M4C 1E3
Attn: Yarn Bombing

You may include your name… or you may remain anonymous, if you wish.
Contributions and participation will be acknowledged on the Textile Museum Volunteer Blog.

To read more about yarn bombing please see the link below:
Yarn Bombing Wiki

Thank you!

PS- I just want to add, that this project is open to anyone, anywhere! You don't have to live in Toronto or Canada to participate... I wanted to make that very clear so , send away!


  1. Beautiful! I've posted this on

  2. This is amazing. I have to be apart of this. I am putting my piece in the mail asap! I cannot wait to see this project completed. I hope it will bring great joy to all who see it as well as those who participated in its making. This is such a brilliant idea!

  3. Knitted corsages on there way to you asap. Good luck with the project I think its brilliant.

  4. Thank you! Thanks for your posts and your pieces!

  5. I love the whole idea of this! really nice.

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