Monday, March 10, 2014

The Possible

Being in California was such a time of recharging and inspiration. One of the very best things I had the good fortune to do, was visit the Berkeley Art Museum and the ongoing and amazing interactive exhibit, The Possible. 
To call it an "exhibit" is kind of the wrong word, it's more of a learning experience facilitated by many artists, musicians and craftspeople.
Group indigo dye dip.
The weekend I was there, there were several things going on. A giant rug was being worked on by the artist (Fritz Haeg) as well as the public, there was a group indigo dye session in full swing, participatory print making area, beeswax candle making and some weaving going on. The music studio was set up and people were there making sounds and videos, the library was set up for people to peruse and use to make zines. 

I cannot describe the full extent of how I felt on my visit, because it was a full sensory experience, one that is not easily described in words. Please look at the information and videos on the BAM website
It was really a learning experience, a place to make and leave a mark. As pieces are created, they are moved to a growing and changing exhibition space which will house the culmination of The Possible as the weeks go on.
Print making station.
It felt so good to participate and I left feeling inspired and less scatterbrained about being very multi-diciplanary in my own work. 
I was happy to be accompanied by my creative cohort Jenne -  it was wonderful to experience this together. I got to watch her remove her cute handmade dress and give it a dip in the indigo vat. 

We also got to visit artist and nature dyer Kristine Vejar's indigo vat after we had spoken with her about it at her booth at Stitches West (I also got to visit her dreamy store A Verb for Keeping Warm on the same day). 
Driving back to the South Bay from Berkeley that day during California's "magic hour" and sipping on our Arnold Palmers - Jenne and I were on cloud 9!

Kristine and Jenne at Stitches West.

Happy as can be at A Verb for Keeping Warm.


  1. so amazingly awesome! i'm so glad you got to go! such a fun inspiring day. thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, it was an amazing day! I really wish I could go again and see the install growing….