Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Saori in Santa Cruz

Someone LOVES Saori weaving.
A small collection at an amazing studio.

Wow! I just got back from an amazing visit to the bay area. It was so super so visit with my amazing friend Jenne and her family. We did so many amazing things, there will be several posts to reflect my adventures…
Tea, inspiring stones and magical bobbins all ready for our workshop.
The first thing I would like to share is our Saori weaving workshop. We met Jill of Saori Santa Cruz and got to try out Saori weaving in her beautiful studio surrounded by redwood trees.
Getting down to business…

Saori weaving is a way of weaving that allows the creator to be completely free and open to what they are creating. It took me a while to "get into" it. I tried really hard to enter the studio with no expectations or ideas of what I wanted to produce and just let myself be inspired by the materials, atmosphere and my lovely friend - and of course Jill!
Weaving away.
Weaving away on another loom.
Up close.
Pleased with the results!
 We also got to try out this new amazing spinning wheel from National Custom Spinning Works. The man who makes them used to do custom cars and you can really tell by the aesthetic and materials!
Jenne trying out a cool new wheel while Jill looks on.

Tea Break...
Jill was nice enough to write her own blog entry about our day, please take the time to read it too. 
Jenne inspects one of Jill's amazing creations.


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  2. Ok this time i am going to respond from my lap top instead of my iphone, that first attempt had to many typos!
    i just want to say how fun it was to have you both at the studio. I LOVE to see the timidity disapate after a few inches of weaving with new saori students ! An man oh man did your weaving change! all that hidden talent just starts to come out to play.
    I really enjoyed having you and Jenne at the studio and that new NCSW wheel is sooo fun ins't it ! i am glad you got to try it out as well.
    peaceful weaving, and spinning ….with tea

  3. WOW! that looks like heaven! so much fun and beauty... i'm sure this experience will have lasting effects! and Jill is my new style icon: i want to dress just like her!!!

    1. Yes, Cal! She's got an amazing sense of style and what a gorgeous hand-made wardrobe!!!!!