Friday, April 12, 2013

Grand Opening of Make Your Mark Studio!

Oh, goody! I can finally reveal a huge new project! My friend Alison Ruth and myself are launching Make Your Mark Studio! A maker's space for both myself and Alison to run classes out of and working studio space for all my fibre goodness work. 

We'll be having a grand opening party on Friday, April 26 from 6pm to 9pm. For more information please take a look at the Facebook Event Page.

I'm excited to be located in a historic building that has been recently renovated for artists and galleries. It's called Boarding House Arts. My neighbours include arts organization Musagetes and the Boarding House Art Gallery!

I'll be posting lots of things coming very soon - classes I'll be teaching in the space, events that we'll be hosting and lots of pictures!

Brand New Window Inside!
Brand New Window Outside!

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  1. YAY! i'm so happy for you to finally have a studio space again. how was the big opening? SO wish i could have been there!