Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nothing Says Spring Like a Trip to a Farm!

I almost snuck this little guy home....

Well, spring is FINALLY in the air!

I am very lucky to live in a nice city that is very close to many small family farms. My friend Chris has one such farm. She's a spinner and has a small heard of beautiful shetland sheep, and guess what!? They are having lambs... So cute! I had to go out and take a little visit! I was even lucky enough to score a bag of fleece that is going to be lovely to spin with... the bonus is that I get to break out my *new* Alvin Ramer wool combs to do it!


Protective mom...

Boomer even got in on the action!

The "black sheep".

Old Molly.

Fun in the sun for these three week old lambs!

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  1. please post lamb pics in every blog post! shetlands might just be the cutest breed of sheep...