Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter and Wrists


So, my wrists hurt - bad.  My doctor has told me NO handcrafting for TWO months and I have to wear wrist braces.  It's all ok though.  For me, waiting out the two months in the long run isn't so bad.....  In the meantime, I have to find things to make that are ok for my wrists.  There are a few samples that I have to make for classes and I'm trying to be varied.  My ukulele is pretty sad sitting there in the corner too....

My wrist braces:

I have some great classes coming up!  Saturday the 21st and 28th from 10 - 11:30am I'm teaching an Absolute Beginner Knitting class at Greenwood Quiltery!  Contact them to sign up.  I don't want to toot my own horn but, I've always received great feedback from this class!  The participants really like that I use the word "absolute" in the title of the class!  I'll be teaching several classes at Greenwood over the winter that you can check out through them or keep checking back here for info!  They will all be run on Saturday mornings up in the Greenwood Gallery - it's a beautiful space that is just full of light and textile art  - a wonderful teaching space!
I'm going to be teaching many more workshops through Spark of Brilliance too!  Some really great and creative ones that I'm looking forward to making samples for and participating in!  Puppet Making!  Needle Felting!  Wall Hanging making!  Crochet!  AND it's going to culminate in a gallery show for all the participants!  I'll keep things posted here as well.

I've been enjoying the winter.  I got proper "base layers" and some snow pants - I can actually go out and walk around and not freeze my buns off!  Although, wearing snow pants makes me feel like I'm 12 and why do I always have to pee once I've put all my gear on?!

Winter pics!  See the funny smile-y face I found in the tree?: 

Lastly, I've been doing a small, small bit of yarn-y stuff - but no more that 10-20 mins a day and I wear my braces when I do it.  I want to be totally ready for two months when I can start crocheting my Percentage System Sweater with my SF buddy Jenne.  I wound the skein of Jill Draper "Empire" into a ball.  It took a while!  It's all ready to swatch now!  just sitting there staring at me..... 

It took awhile but I was sitting in front of the fire!  Also, see the last pic?  That's a comparison of what a ball of Empire looks like next to a regular ball of yarn!:

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