Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love Hodge Podge Farm and the Sheep and Wool Festival!

In Mid October I went to visit Hodge Podge Farm and attend the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck New York. I got to meet a bunch of new and amazing designers and yarn makers - Into the Whirled, Jill Draper and Hodge Podge Farm. I also met some amazing animals! Here are some photos...

We have the HPF chickens (Joan, Betty, Trudy, Grace and Midge) as well as the face of HPF - Gertie

The festival:

Cal's Spinning Guild participated in a Sheep to Shawl competition:

We went to the Ravelry party!!!

We had fun around Accord, NY (sitting under Gnome Chomsky the World's Largest Garden Gnome):

AND I got a whole new Hodge Podge Farm wardrobe!!!

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  1. Zippity-doo-dah, what FUN we had! I miss you and can't wait to visit Toronto and continue the adventures...