Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crochet - how do I love thee?

I am so in love with crochet right now... it occupies my every craft thought. For me, it's the most versitile and fun way of making fabric. It's very easy to manipulate into sculptural shapes, there are so many amazing varriations, it has an amazing history and I feel cool doing it.

I have to really thank Cal over at Hodge Podge Farms for turning me on to crochet oh so many years ago! I thank Tamaralda for getting me back into crochet after a wee break.

Recently, Tamaralda had me over so we could teach ourselves some new crochet techniques... Broomstick Lace and Hairpin Lace. Both are crochet techniques using hooks and, in the case of Broomstick, a large knitting needle, in the case of Hairpin, a frame.

Broomstick Lace Sampler:

Tamaralda and I had a blast that day drinking Kilkenny and crocheting. We used resources from the internet and are anxious to apply both techniques to small projects.

Hairpin Lace Samples:

Please take some time to check out The Crochet Liberation Front!!

In other news, the elephant in my craft room (ie. setting up my actual craft room), has taken a great leap to being functional thanks to Boomer (see picture below of her using her handy-gal smarts to help clear off my work space).... a big tip of my crocheted cap to her! Now it's time to occupy the space with some crock-pots and messy dye stuffs and get this show rollin'....

Also, if you are in the Toronto area please check out the One of a Kind Craft Show... an amazing and huge yearly show of artisans from all disiplines that runs through December 5th. Stop by Jenna Rose's booth and check out her hand printed homewares!


  1. crochet IS the coolest! can't wait to see what happens in your new dye studio ;n)

  2. Thanks Double Knot! I think my crafty community is the best!