Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I love attending yarn and wool festivals (of course)! I also love attending the Highland Games! This past weekend, I went to the Canada Day Highland Games in a small town called Embro, Ontario.

Watching the Traditional Bands compete, the Irish and Scottish dancers and the Tug of War is always fun but, it’s always the sheep demos that are my favorite. This time, they did some shearing demos – which I’ve seen plenty of. The exciting part of this Highland Games is that they had Sheepdog demos! The way the shepherds and dogs work together is very fun to watch.

The Shepherds that were at the games had Border Collies. Watching these pooches in action is quite a treat – they want to herd the sheep and be running. They had a young dog that was just wild – zipping around like a kook!

There are Sheepdog Trials every year in Kingston, Ontario and I am looking into going to see these teams on a larger scale and competing.

After looking at my silly pictures, check out the youtube link:

I like the way the dogs sneak...

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  1. you've made me quite green with envy ... i made a trip to a sheep farm in nova scotia many many years ago and it started me on a love of all things woolly ... i'm living in seattle now but spent many years in southern ontario ... lovely festivals in the summer ...