Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lanesplitter pour trois!

My co-workers at Passionknit and I all get along very well – we share a similar sense of humour, like the same TV shows and all love to knit (of course!), but we certainly all have very different styles.

A few weeks ago,
Tamara came running in with a pattern from the brand new issue of Knitty, she’s obsessed with skirts and the pattern was for a skirt called the Lanesplitter by Tina from knitwhits. It’s made out of Kureyon by Noro. Within about 30 seconds we had all chosen our colours and were sitting down to cast on.

We began to joke about this skirt becoming our official uniform and a friendly race began to see who would be first to get it finished. Tamara and I decided
Jan the knitting whizz would have it whipped up by the next day. Then I sided with Jan thinking Tamara would have it done first because she’s such a skinny-mini.

It’s been a really fun exercise first seeing the colours of the Kureyon unfold then seeing that the colours we each chose really fit our own unique styles and actually made each skirt different. What colour can do!

We’ve decided to each finish the skirt in different ways. I’m going to go by the pattern to finish the waistband, Tamara is going to try to do a crocheted waistband and Jan is going to enclose the elastic by a waistband formed by a double-knitting technique.

There was also discussion on how much negative ease to put into the garment. Tamara gave 3” and, we’ll just say, that it’s going to be a very slinky skirt! So, I changed my mind about 3” of negative ease and am going to just leave 1” so my skirt will actually fit over my bum.

We are all always so amazed with the wealth of amazing designers out there in internet-land who offer their patterns for free or for such great prices. Sites like
Knitty and Ravelry have really changed the craft!

Here’s Tamara with her 3” of negative ease:

Jan has finished hers already!!!:

Here I am still knitting away:

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  1. oooh i want to make one too! kureyon is one of my favorite yarns. how did i miss that pattern on knitty? going to add it to my queue now...