Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome to the Yarn Bombed Textile Museum of Canada!

The install was a great success! The Textile Museum has received positive feedback and during the install, many people stopped to ask questions and snap pictures.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated! Thank you to Claire P for helping with the install!

Now, all you Yarn Bombers who work in the dead of the night…. Please add to the piece! We are very hopeful that this is a work in progress. Visit the museum and leave a little something!

Now for the pictures, pictures, pictures….


  1. I am so excited by how this turned out that I am making happy excited noises even though I'm alone on my computer at home. This is so wonderful. Thank you again so much for letting me be apart of this amazing project.

  2. ah could not have said it better than Grandmother's Legacy ... thanks for sharing the photos and the opportunity ... can't wait for the next call ... it came together beautifully ... in yarn bombing, all colors match ... it's wonderful ...