Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!

Wow, I have a lot of pictures to put up today…

First the last of the submissions:

A handmade breakfast courtesy of Ottawa based knit artist Greta Grip. It kind of made my day!

Thanks to Claudia Ross for her colourful and spring like squares:

Linda Love hand delivered her submission of some wonderful dangle-y leaves and a very special crown:

Tangle! What an amazing piece you submitted:

All the way from Vancouver – pretty in purple squares from Momoko Ito:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project. As you will see in the next pictures the piece is just looking fabulous!

We had a little assembly party! Thank you to Textile Museum Chair Ann Posen for donating her amazing condo as headquarters for the event. Thank you to Tamaralda, GlennaC and LadyLungDoc for all lending their hands, cookies and good conversation to assembling the bulk of the piece. It looks amazing and it was a great time!

The assembly continues at Fibre Person's house in preparation for the install that’s coming up this week! Watch for many more pictures of the install!


  1. This is so spectacularily amazing! It looks so great mostly put together. I had fun trying to find my swatch amongst the others. I can't even begin to discribe how awesome it has been to follow this project. Can't wait to see it up!

  2. i so wish i could be there to help with assembly ...

    it all came together beautifully and was a wonderful project to be part of ...

  3. Breakfast always makes your day! Glad you like it! KNIT ON! Greta Grip