Monday, May 7, 2012

Hodgepodge, Vendor Call Out and Various Fun!

This past week was such a fun week because my wonder-buddy Cal Patch came for a visit!  I was fortunate enough to be able to sit in on F-I-V-E of her classes!  I now have enough patterns drafted to make a wardrobe!  She is an amazing teacher and the classes were held at The Workroom in Toronto - an amazing space.  One of her students - an extreamly crafty lady herself - Austen Gilliland even wrote about her adventures in Cal's T-Shirt Making Class!

Of course we did a lot of the usual - eating cake, drinking tea and shopping for matching yarn to make matching cowls.  We had a fun time at Shall We Knit? in Kitchener and both purchased some lovely yarn by Indigodragonfly to make a crocheted cowl.  I also picked up some yarn to finally make the Coquille!  It's turning out beautifully.

I also want to make a call out to you!  Crafts people and artisans - I'm part of an amazing team that is organizing a craft/art sale for Saturday July 14th!  It's the first annual Sparkworks Craft and Art Sale benefiting the wonderful organization Spark of Brilliance.  Check out the info on the poster and sign up:

I've also become involved with another amazing team!  Farmer Fern and Friends!  Farmer Fern and his friends are puppets that teach children about the importance of gardens and plants and loving healing powers that growing stuff offers!  Please check out the Farmer Fern Blog for upcoming performances and more information....

Lastly, I'm gearing up for year two of my OHS handspinning course.  Year two of six!  I'm very excited to see all the students that I met last year and I'm geared up to get to work.  I'm very happy to be bunking with the Crafty Gardener - Andie L.  Here I am working on a (last minute) assignment on my Babe Espinner!


  1. YAY! so much fun was had. i am exactly at the spot you are in the pic of your cowl: 4 repeats finished. have you done more or are we TIED?

    1. I guess we're tied! Although, I will be getting it out today!