Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September was busy.... I'm back!

Me doing a demo at the Wellington County Museum and Archives!

Wow! I'm glad that things have calmed down a bit and I have time to post!

First of all I'm going to be teaching several classes over the next few months at the beautiful Greenwood Quiltery! Beginner Knitting, Entrelac, Sock Knitting and Drop Spindle Spinning! Please contact them for more details : 519-822-2790.

I will also be offering some children's classes though The Children's Art Factory. I met with Melissa, the amazing owner of this new space for kids. The space is inspiring and so much fun. I will post more when the details are all worked out! In the meantime, if you have a little one, please bring them to this creative space!

This past weekend was the Harvest Home Festival at The Wellington County Museum and Archives. It was a celebration of the history of the area and of fall! There were antique tractors, delicious pies, sheep shearing, lace making, candle making, music and wool preperation and spinning (by me).

Showing the kids how it's done:

Drumcarding up a storm:

Creepy Museum Doll:
I had a great time talking to people about the art of spinning and how wool is taken from a sheep and made into something you can make hats, sweaters and socks out of. There were many children that were so interested which made me very excited for the future of spinning! My father even got into the festivities by being pulled into a square dancing demo - he did well!

I also sent in my OHS homework. Second due date and one more to go. The October due date is sneaking up on me and I have to get a move on it!

S and Z homework before and after:

In The Grease homework before and after:

Grist homework before and after:

Next? I'm off to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY..... I can't wait to see my friends Cal Patch, Jill Draper and Christine Eschback.

I'm taking the train down to the Hodgepodge farm and I'm so excited to watch the county zip on by! I'm sure I'll have many pictures to share.

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