Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lanesplitter Part Two – The Alterations

The skirt obsession started when Tamaralda exploded into the shop with the Knitty pattern for the Lansplitter Skirt. Tamaralda, Jaqual and myself all picked out our Kureyon and each made a skirt. It was so fun and exciting and competitive (in a fun and exciting way)… We all finished and Tamaralda wears hers all the time, Japual wears hers too. When I put mine on, I felt that it was kind of bulky and long and it just didn’t feel comfortable for me… I was sad… I folded it up and put it in my closet knowing that I would never wear it. But every time Tamaralda wore hers I was jealous. When she talked me into modeling our Lansplitters together for the Downtown Knit Collective’s annual fashion show (I have no idea how she convinced me!), I decided that some alterations needed to be done.

Firstly, I removed the waistband and undid Jaqual’s perfect seaming job (sorry):

I know that Kureyon felts really well so I rolled up my sleeves and got to felting the thing. I thought, “If it turns out too small, I’ll at least have a nice bathmat.” The felting was successful!

I then seamed it back up. It was a little difficult to re-seam since the fabric didn’t felt to accurate dimensions. It worked out just fine though.

Since I didn’t want to add any length by doing an applied waistband, I decided to go to the fabric store and buy some jersey material. I cut a strip wide enough for the elastic to thread through and the circumference of the inside of the skirt. Then I got to hand sewing.

I feel great in the skirt now! It fits better and is more of a mini style. I also feel like it’s more stable. It was a wonderful exercise in learning about fit and what to look for in a pattern to know it’s suitable for my body shape. (Here's a pic of myself wearing the altered Lansplitter with knitter extraordinaire Irene):

Tamaralda has been researching skirts for several months now and we’ve been working on combining yarns and working with different fibres to get the perfect fabric for skirt knitting. Our friend Irene has been helping us with advice and knitting expertise. I love knitting and crocheting skirts. It covers as much of your body as a sweater does and you don’t have to worry about fitting in arms or sewing up a bunch of seams like a sweater. They are warm and comfortable and fun to make. It’s been really challenging and interesting figuring out fibre combinations and gauges to make them viable to wear for many years. Tamaralda has several hand-knit and crocheted skirts. I’m currently finishing up a crocheted skirt from a Drops pattern. It has a shaped waist and I think it’s going to provide a much smoother fit and show off my curves. I now know what to look for in a skirt pattern! I can’t wait to finish it and post about it. Then on to the next one! Yay Skirts!

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  1. love hearing this behind-the-scenes stuff! and i'm so glad you saved your skirt; nothing is worse than investing countless hours into a project you'll never wear (and it wouldn't exactly be easy to give away either; it takes a special soul to be worthy of a handknit skirt!)
    the Drops skirt looks awesome too; i want to make one! right after i make those Phoenix mitts...