Monday, September 27, 2010

Twist Collective Challenge and Fiona Ellis!

This Wednesday September 29th officially kicks off the "Twist Collective Challenge" at Stitchers' Night from 7 - 9pm at Passionknit (3355 Yonge St. 416-322-0688). For those who don't know, we are asking people to check out the wonderful online knitting pattern shop Twist Collective, choose and purchase one of the amazing-ly designed patterns, bring it in to Passionknit and one of us will help make yarn substitutions. Then we can all be working on our projects at Stitchers' Night and we'll have a show-and-tell at the first Stitchers' Night in January! I'll be documenting my progress as well as Tamaralda and Jaqual's joint progress....

We have been super duper lucky to have had some of Fiona Ellis' wonderful samples on display at the shop for the past month. We are also lucky to be having her pay a little visit to this Wednesday's Stitchers' Night!

I'm going to be working on the Aran Waistcoat by Megan Rogers. The original pattern calls for a DK weight yarn but I've done some swatching and I'll be using the lovely, soft Malabrigo Twist in Burgundy.

Tamaralda and Jaqual are going to be colaborating on Chartres by Fiona Ellis. They are excited because they both work at very different tensions so they have had to swatch, swatch, swatch! They are working at the same tension on different size needles! They have substituted Louisa Harding's Mullberry Silk for the original yarn the pattern called for (which was a cotton/steel mix - very interesting).

Here are some pictures of the shop and Fiona's samples. I apologize because the pictures didn't turn out as good as I had hoped...

Here are a few of the widow area:






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