Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hand Spinning

Wheel Spinning

Worsted? Woolen? And what the heck is a "niddy-noddy"? Hand spinning is a great way to make the yarn you want and understand the properties of fibre and what we can do with it. Learn to make the perfect sock yarn, spin crazy art yarn, luxury yarns galore! In "wheel spinning" we'll go over the basics of your wheel and wheel maintenance. Learn to spin singles and plying techniques.

Drop Spindle Spinning

Spinning with a drop spindle is a great way to make your spinning portable. It's a great, simple technique to learn and you can make a wide variety of yarns. It's a low cost investment as well. In this class we'll learn how to spin and ply using a drop spindle.

Remember, with both classes - practice, practice, practice!!!

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